Legal disputes, no matter what kind, are stressful experiences for anyone. Our property, our possessions, and our physical health are often at stake when it comes to disputes between individuals and businesses. Whether you are ready to file a civil lawsuit for harm that’s been done to you, or you are on the receiving end of such a lawsuit, your emotional and financial futures are on the line.

At Burns Law, PLLC, a team of lawyers with decades of combined experience is ready to stand up for you. A civil dispute can threaten to take a significant toll on you and your family, but you can take action to seek the outcome you deserve. Set up a consultation in Tacoma today to get the practical, professional legal advocacy you need. The attorneys at Burns Law, PLLC are proud to represent clients in Puyallup, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, Olympia, and the rest of Washington.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation refers to the process of resolving certain types of disputes in a court of law. Civil matters usually revolve around the personal and professional relationships between people, such as a contract dispute between businesses or a real estate dispute between two homeowners.

Unlike criminal matters involving the government versus an individual, civil lawsuits are between an individual or business suing another individual or business. A civil lawsuit can be brought over a breach of contract, a residential eviction after a broken lease, injuries sustained in a car accident, and many other issues and disputes.



Kinds of Civil Lawsuits

The attorneys at Burns Law, PLLC are committed to offering comprehensive civil litigation services when you need them the most. With clients ranging from individuals to small business owners to large companies, each lawyer at the firm offers outstanding counsel to residents of Tacoma and the rest of Washington. Here are a few examples of the civil litigation matters handled at Burns Law, PLLC:

  • Real Estate Disputes: These types of issues can lead to substantial problems if not resolved early on. Such disputes are common between individuals buying residential property, businesses entering a commercial real estate lease, and other scenarios. Burns Law, PLLC is proud to represent property owners of all kinds.

  • Contract Disputes: When one or both parties in an agreement disagree about the terms and conditions of the agreement, it’s important to reach out for legal help. Civil lawsuits often result from contract disputes—or breaches of contract—in the real estate market and the business sector.

  • Personal Injury Cases: Someone else’s negligence shouldn’t ruin your future. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, slip and fall, or any other accident, you have options for seeking compensation through the civil litigation process. If you’ve been accused of causing someone else’s pain and suffering, it’s important to reach out to an attorney in these cases, too, in order to protect your interests.

  • Partnership Disputes: Business partners often disagree. Occasionally, they can work things out on their own, but more often than not, they’ll need strong advocacy from civil litigation attorneys. If you find yourself battling a business partner in regards to your company's finances, operations, or growth strategy, get in touch with skilled lawyers.

  • Other Civil Disputes: The attorneys at Burns Law, PLLC handle other civil disputes ranging from defamation cases, complaints against the city, and more.

In Washington State, the time limit (or ‘statute of limitations') for filing a civil lawsuit depends on the kind of lawsuit it is. For example, you have three years to file a case of fraud, while you only have two years to file for slander. No matter your civil dispute, you don’t have forever to seek a resolution. If you think you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit, contact the attorneys at Burns Law, PLLC as soon as you can.

Do You Really Need a Civil Litigator in Tacoma?

Emotions run high in civil litigation matters. If you are involved in a civil lawsuit or you are thinking of filing one, you don’t have to ride this rollercoaster alone. A team of experienced Tacoma civil litigation attorneys will not only manage all phases of litigation for you, but they can also provide powerful representation through the pre-trial, trial, negotiation, settlement, and appeal processes, if necessary. Let an attorney help you reach a favorable outcome so you can move on with your life.


In Washington, thousands of individuals and businesses are involved in civil cases each year. When you find yourself needing versatile counsel and fierce advocacy, get in touch with Burns Law, PLLC. Its attorneys work with residents of Puyallup, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, Olympia, and throughout Washington.